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Dr. Sara Pastoor on how direct primary care can revolutionize healthcare


The U.S. healthcare system ranks poorly among high-income countries, but the direct primary care (DPC) model offers a potential solution. In this model, primary care providers are paid a consistent fee through a retainer or membership program, rather than relying on insurance billing. This frees up providers to spend more time with patients and offer comprehensive care. Both patients and providers in the DPC model report high levels of satisfaction and there is evidence of decreased utilization of expensive services and lower overall health care costs.

Join Dr. Kevin Pho, founder and editor of, in a conversation with Dr. Sara Pastoor, Elation's Director of Primary Care advancement for a podcast and conversation about the potential for the DPC model to improve primary care and the healthcare system in the U.S. Dr. Pastoor also recently contributed two articles on the DPC movement for KevinMD which you can also read below. 

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