Meet the Community Physician Committed to Pursuing Balance Between Family and Medicine

Between the noble purpose and sizable pay, it’s easy to assume that doctors have it made. But as medicine and business collide, the profession is changing. Thousands of physicians now report increasing levels of burnout and stress—the result of longer work hours, “feeling like a cog in the wheel,” and increasing bureaucratic tasks that infringe…

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The Godfather of Direct Primary Care Creates a More Ethical Career Path for Independent Physicians

When Dr. Garrison Bliss’s son was three years old, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The news rocked the family and threw Dr. Bliss, an idealistic young physician fresh off his residency, “into another orbit.” Suddenly, he was spending long hours at a children’s hospital, viewing the healthcare machine from the lens of a…

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The Nurse Practitioner Who’s Fighting for Access to Primary Care

Veronica Pike had seen enough. In 2013, Texas was failing to close a primary care gap that jeopardized the health of good people, especially those in rural communities, where they could drive 100 miles without passing a doctor. Pike’s state forecast a shortage of 3,375 primary care physicians in the coming decades, reflecting a trend…

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The Patient Always Comes First: How a Hawaiian Physician Thrives in Independent Primary Care

As a teenager in Hawai‘i, Roger Kimura walked a path that seemed preordained. Every good grade he earned in science and math, each encouraging comment from a teacher, and the types of jobs available to math whizzes reinforced this trajectory. He was destined to become an engineer. He knew it, and so did everyone else….

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As Medicine and Business Collide, One Physician Doubles Down on Uncompromising Care

Dr. Manvinder Kainth with patient

It’s 2:23 a.m., and a solitary family physician is prowling the empty hospital hallways. This is her eighth shift in as many nights. Or is it her ninth? She’s not sure. Hurrying along, she checks her watch, hoping the date displayed on its face will resolve the mystery. But in the wee hours of the…

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During the Pandemic, Mission and Margins Collide in Independent Primary Care

Dr. Manvinder Kainth worked in large hospitals for a decade before she decided to open her own practice in Texas. It was a difficult decision, but it stemmed from a simple belief: The American healthcare system wasn’t treating patients or doctors like their health was its top priority. As the coronavirus pandemic puts unprecedented pressure…

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Meet the Independent Primary Care Physician Who Cartooned His Way to Well-Being

Dr. Steven Mussey

In Fredericksburg, Virginia, the daily newspaper resembles that of most small cities. There are serious stories about crime and schools, angry letters from residents, and puff pieces on pets and kids. Every Sunday, the Free Lance-Star publishes something found nowhere else in the country: a cartoon inked by its neighborhood physician. “Doctor!” a patient in one sketch…

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