Announcing the Elation Provider Network: A New Service That Eases the Pain of Patient Care Coordination

From day one, we’ve been committed to achieving a higher standard of healthcare through delivering accurate, timely information to providers at the point of care. Today we’re excited to announce our newest service, The Elation Provider Network, designed to power smart and effortless collaboration between providers and make it easier for them to care for their patients. It’s a tangible manifestation of our Clinical First philosophy: empowering and liberating physicians through technology that helps them provide quality care.

The average primary care physician coordinates care with 229 other physicians working in 117 different practices. This requires a huge amount of time and logistical work, and providers don’t have great tools to help them manage these relationships. Most EHRs don’t have an easy way to find provider contact information, especially if providers aren’t all using the same EHR system.

Our Provider Network solves that problem by:

  • Automatically identifying all the other providers who have cared for a patient based on actual clinical interactions,
  • Verifying the providers’ contact information, and
  • Enabling a physician in just 3 clicks to communicate reliably and share patient information securely and seamlessly with any provider— whether or not that provider uses Elation Health.

We also include providers that a physician has collaborated with previously, or that another Elation physician has. It’s a clinical graph for physicians that makes it easy for them to connect with past and present collaborators, ensure that critical patient information is shared with the right provider, and make clinical decisions with confidence. No more writing referrals based on a patient’s recollection or a physician’s memory. No more Googling or sifting through paper records for contact information that can’t be easily verified. The Provider Network provides a central hub for this information while making it searchable and actionable for everyone involved in a patient’s care.

Accurate and efficient communication between providers is essential to care coordination. We built the Provider Network because we recognized the importance of helping physicians record and share information across organizations and platforms and the lack of viable options for doing so in other EHRs. We’re tearing down barriers for physicians and allowing them to focus on doing what they do best: delivering high-quality care to their patients.

We’ve begun a staged roll-out of the Provider Network and are launching the service in select San Francisco Bay Area markets today. You can learn more about The Elation Provider Network here.