Best practice for ICD-10: Crosswalk Problem Lists for the week ahead

Dear Elation Community,

Now that we’re into October, we want to make sure that the change to ICD-10 goes as smoothly as possible. Our advice to minimize disruption during visit note documentation is to fully crosswalk your patients’ Problem Lists ahead of time. Crosswalking will allow you to continue to export problems and their associated ICD-10 codes into your visit note and bill with 1-click from the Clinical Profile.

To make crosswalking manageable, we suggest looking ahead in your schedule and focusing on patients that will be seen during the week. We’ve made a change to the Elation Scheduler to help identify patients who still have problems to be crosswalked:

Look for the bolded patient names with a leading asterisk – those are the ones that need your attention.

You can also now filter your Dx search results to show only single (non-combined) ICD-10 codes by prepending your query with “!”. For example, type in “!chf” or “!I50.9” into the Dx search bar. This will allow you to easily pick the exact code you want, which is especially useful in coding for complex, “combination” conditions.

Please reach out to if you have questions or concerns.

The Elation Team


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