Using Elation’s CQM Dashboards to keep up Quality Measure performance

Clinical quality measures (CQMs) play an important role in fulfilling the requirements for both MIPS and CPC+. Even more importantly, however, providers participating in quality programs need a easy and efficient way to track progress on their CQMs to ensure program success. Thankfully, Elation users can leverage CQM Dashboards to simplify quality program participation.

What is Elation’s CQM Dashboard?

A CQM dashboard is a built feature that gives users a real time snapshot into current performance. Both CPC+ and MIPS participants can utilize this dashboard to stay on top of these programs.

How can you leverage the CQM Dashboard for Quality Measures?

First, go to the “Reports” section in Elation. Then click on the respective quality program you want to track. You will then receive access to a dashboard with relevant CQMs and how a practice is performing against 30% and 70% benchmarks for CPC+. For more background on a CQM, click on the CQM name and you will be redirected to a help center article.

Elation’s dashboard also gives users a more detailed overview of patients that either meets criteria or does not meet criteria within the patient list by displaying details such as the patient’s last visit. From here you can click the patient’s name to document completion of a screening,  schedule the patient for a follow up visit, or take any other necessary actions.

Overall, these powerful dashboards allow you to see which measures you want to boost performance for during this final stretch of reporting in 2017. For more guidance on MIPS or CPC+ contact a health policy specialist here at Elation.