Elation makes it easy for you to meet the Use of High Risk Medication in the Elderly measure for CPC+

With the first CPC+ performance period now well underway, Elation is excited to bring our users weekly updates to help you save time, get the most out of using Elation for CPC+, provide better care for your patients and ultimately succeed in this program. Learn more about Elation and CPC+ here.

Patient safety makes up an important component of fulfilling CPC+ requirements. One of the quality measures that aims to improve patient safety is the Use of High Risk Medication in the Elderly measure.

What do you need to know about the Use of High Risk Medication in the Elderly measure?

CPC+ designed this measure to track the percentage of patients 66 years of age and older who were ordered high-risk medications. Reporting on the measure counts both the percentage of patients who were ordered at least one high-risk medication and the percentage of patients who were ordered at least two different high-risk medications.

To succeed at this measure, providers should try to avoid prescribing high risk medications to elderly patients as often as possible. Since this is a reverse measure, the lower number the number you report, the better your performance.

How does Elation simplify meeting this measure within its EHR?

For CPC+ practices using Elation, we have added a new clinical decision reminder to allow you to inform your decision-making while prescribing a medication. This CDS will be on for all practice starting Friday, October 6th, but CPC+ practices have the ability to turn it on sooner through their Settings section:

With the CDS on, whenever you open a prescription form for patients 66 years and above and enter in a medication, an alert will appear. This clinical decision support reminder includes an overview of the measure and how it’s calculated.

You will also have access to the medication list to see examples of prescriptions for high-risk medications through this alert.

To view your progress on this measure, the CPC+ CQM dashboard will have a full and complete look at how your practice is doing and which patients are affected by this measure.

How can you leverage this Elation CDS reminder for CPC+?

Meeting this measure requires no extra work from CPC+ physicians and staff within Elation. The measure’s information is available at the point of care meaning CPC+ participants can easily address the measure and save time they could be spending with their patients.

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