How to perform patient recall to close care gaps and achieve CPC+ performance goals

With the first CPC+ performance period now well underway, Elation is excited to bring our users weekly updates to help you save time, get the most out of using Elation for CPC+, provide better care for your patients and ultimately succeed in this program. Learn more about Elation and CPC+ here.

As a program with a plethora of requirements, it can be challenging to stay on top of monitoring the patients that have not met CPC+ performance measures. As a result, performing patient recall was made easy in Elation so that users can both boost their performance and close patient care gaps.

Performing patient recall within Elation

Elation’s CQM dashboard is a great way to easily surface patients and their progress – click on the “View List” function to find a list of patients who your practice may have seen this year, but have not yet satisfied measure requirements.

Patients may not have satisfied measure requirements for a number of reasons:

  • Missing documentation or result of screening within Elation
  • Patient results out of range (this specifically impacts the outcome measures Diabetes hbA1c Poor Control and Controlling High Blood Pressure)
  • Screening was not performed during initial visit

Another helpful reason why your practice should utilize the “view list” functionality is that practices can identify if that patient is due to be seen next by viewing the “upcoming appt” field “does not meet” criteria view. To remind yourself of screenings needed, you can make a post-dated note in the patient’s chart to remind providers or staff to either complete the screening or test. or to follow-up with a member of the patient’s care team for results of screening (i.e. breast cancer or colorectal screenings).

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