Improving clinical efficiency with Elation’s new Point-of-Care Labs feature

The Elation user community now has access to our Point-of-Care (POC) Labs feature! This new feature will allow Elation practices to significantly cut down the amount of time it takes to record Point-of-Care Labs to just a matter of seconds to put time back into your day and help you focus on your patients.

Why use Elation’s Point-of-Care Labs?

  1. POC Labs is easy-to-use, quick, and enables users to capture POC lab results at the point of care.
  • With just a few clicks, providers and staff can enter lab results performed at the office.
  • Staff have the option to file results on their own, or flag abnormal results for the provider to review and sign off.
  1. The results entered can trend alongside existing interfaces and external documents manually entered.
  2. Results entered on POC Labs can help your practice satisfy clinical quality measures.
  • For example, entering A1c results through the POC lab form will count towards the Diabetes A1c CQM.

How does this feature work?

Elation’s Point-of-Care Labs features works by enabling practices to enter their most frequent Point-of-Care lab tests in a matter of seconds by simply clicking on the “Notes” tab.

This easy-to-use lab form allows users to input structured lab results that can trend against previous results.

The results entered from the POC Lab Form are filed as Lab Reports.

We’re excited to see how much time this new feature can save you and your practice! For more details on how you can leverage the POC Labs feature, please check out this article in our Help Center or RSVP for our POC Labs webinar on December 6th.