Tuesday Tips: Final rule for 2015 Meaningful Use announced

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released on 10/7/15 the final rule for important changes applicable to 2015 Meaningful Use reporting period.

Here are the main takeaways you should pay particular attention to:

  • 2015 reporting period is changed to any 90 day reporting period in 2015 for everyone, instead of full calendar year.

  • MU Stage 2 measures changed to 10 objectives, replacing the concept of core and menu measures.

  • MU Stage 1 includes alternate exclusions and specifications within individual objectives for providers.

  • Changes affecting goal percentages for Stage 2 measures are listed below, and you can read more here about MU Stage 1 and 2 changes:

    • Stage 2 Patient electronic access: Changed the goal from 5% to having at least 1 patient having registered for a Patient Passport account.
    • Stage 2 Secure electronic messaging: Changed the goal from 5% to having Patient Passport messaging functionality turned on in Elation.

Click on the below links to read our updated help center articles about meeting the updated MU objectives: