Weekly Rounds: Reimbursements, EHR utilization ,Concierge medicine, Communication between physicians, and MACRA

At Elation Health, we’re committed to strengthening the physician-patient relationship and providing intuitive tools for clinical first care. Part of this commitment includes keeping physicians and staff informed about the latest healthcare news, technology trends, and policy updates that impact their practices and patients.

We’re maintaining a set of healthcare-focused blogs where you can subscribe to get more information and news straight to your inbox. And each week, our Weekly Rounds will give you the highlights of the top content we’ve posted; here’s what you may have missed this week:

  1. CMS increases reimbursements for complex patients according to study: CMS has now made it so physicians are compensated for helping patients with chronic or complex conditions outside of one on one appointments. Read about new measures taken here.
  2. Independent physicians seek EHR systems that meet their unique needs: Small, independent practices might be underutilizing three important EHR functions. Learn more about EHR utilization for independent physicians as well as how cloud-based EHR enhance care quality.
  3. Why concierge medicine isn’t just for patients with chronic conditions: Concierge medicine is an option for a wide variety of patients. There are a plethora of benefits to joining a concierge practice including virtually no wait time and straightforward fees. Read on to learn about the promising future of concierge medicine.
  4. What role does the EHR play in facilitating collaboration among providers?: Many patients have to see multiple physicians to treat the host of issues they may have. Communication is integral in these cases. Read on to find out how EHRs make this process much easier.
  5. Pending Changes to MACRA: CMS is working to ease the burden on physicians participating in MACRA. In particular, they aim to ease reporting requirements. Read on to find out how.