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What are on-site and near-site clinics?

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With health care costs continuing to rise, more and more employers are looking for a better way to curb these costs for both themselves and their employees.  The workforce has become unhappy and unhealthy.  Since it is costing more to see a doctor, employees will typically delay seeking treatment. Employers are turning to site clinics to provide easy access to affordable primary care.  There are two types of site clinics – On-Site Clinics and Near-Site Clinics.

On-Site Clinics

On-site clinics allow employers to offer medical and wellness services at clinics that are located directly at their companies. These services are delivered by licensed clinical primary care physicians and other licensed practitioners to either all employees or employees that meet eligibility criteria. On-Site Care Clinics offer a wide range of services ranging from general first aid to primary care appointments. The use of these clinics is typically part of employee’s health benefit packages.

Near-Site Clinics

Near-site clinics are primarily managed by a third-party provider who collaborates with employers on goals, staffing, and engagement. The vendor is in charge of day-to-day operations, while employers enjoy more convenient and cost-effective care.

Benefits of On-Site and Near-Site Clinics

Care clinics, whether on-site or near-site, are a win-win for employers and employees.

For Employees:

  •      No-cost or low cost treatment
  •      Convenience – on-site pharmacies, labs, and preventative care
  •      Same day appointments are available
  •      Personal attention and longer appointments

For Employers:

  •      Valuable tool for recruiting and retaining employees
  •      Decreased absenteeism, increased productivity
  •      Lower costs of provided health care benefits
  •      Reduced costs of employees using emergency rooms for non-urgent care
  •      No required revenue margins on top of service and products that are provided to patients at the on-site or near-site clinic

In 2014, the National Association of Worksite Health Centers (NAWHC) Onsite Clinic survey indicated that nearly 75% of companies that used on-site clinics had increased employee engagement in their workplace health programming. As site clinics become more and more popular, employees and employers both have the opportunity to improve the well-being and health of thousands of individuals.

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