Weekly Rounds: Chronic Care Management, 2017 MIPS Performance, SEO tips, and On-Site Clinics

This week, we have insights on chronic care management, MIPS performance results, how physicians can utilize SEO strategies, DPC marketing strategies, and the economic advantages of on-site clinics.

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1.Exploring chronic care management adoption for primary care physicians – An increasing number of Baby Boomers will need care in the upcoming years. As a result of this demographic shift among patients, PCPs may have to adopt new strategies and approaches to care for a larger proportion of chronic care patients. Read on to find out about how PCPs can prepare.

2. 2017 MIPS performance results so far– The QPP is aimed at moving healthcare as a whole towards value-based care. Continue reading to learn more about how physicians participating in the MIPs track of this program have performed so far and what the impact of these results will be.

3. How can independent physicians leverage search engine optimization (SEO)?– Search engine optimization or SEO can be used by independent physicians as a marketing tool to help patients trying to find an independent practice through search results. Read further to learn about how physicians can leverage SEO .

4. Most popular direct care marketing strategies– Physicians who market their DPC practice can attract a higher number of patients. Website development is crucial to attract new patients. Read on to learn other marketing techniques direct care physicians can implement.

5. The impact of employee wellness clinics on bottom line performance – Employers who offer on-site clinics to workers outperformed the S&P 500. Such amenities are integral for the wellbeing of employees. With the existence of clinics, absenteeism and presenteeism rates can also dwindle. Read on to learn other the advantages of having on-site clinics.