Weekly Rounds: Value-based care history, Clinical decision support, Medicaid and direct care, and 2017 MSSP results

This week, we shed light on the history and evolution of value-based care, learn more about clinical decision support, the relationship between Medicaid and direct care, on-site care investment, and results for the MSSP ACO.

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1.The history of value-based care – Value-based care is a term that seems to be everywhere in healthcare these days. What are the origins of this concept and why does it play such an important role in the way healthcare is currently evolving? Read this post to find out.

2.What is Clinical Decision Support? Clinical decision support systems are designed to improve health and healthcare delivery by enhancing health-related decisions and actions. How can independent physicians utilize these features? Learn more here.

3. How does Medicaid apply to direct care physicians? – Even though direct care physicians forgo insurance payment and Medicaid can be viewed as a type of insurance, what does a direct care physician need to know about Medicaid? Get more information about rules and regulations.

4. Surge in investment in primary care and on-site employer health clinics – On-site employer health clinics have shown steady growth since 2008 according to a new study. More employers are realizing that employees who have access to on-site preventive care are healthier, more productive, and more apt to remain with the employer longer term. Read on.

5. MSSP 2017 ACO results released – CMS recently released data for 472 ACOs participating in MSSP and caring for 9 million beneficiaries in 2017. Get a picture of the results by reading here.