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Elation perspectives: Karin Feng and Elation’s commitment to customer experience

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Elation perspectives: Karin Feng and Elation’s commitment to customer experience

Elation perspectives: Karin Feng and Elation’s commitment to customer experience October 1, 2018

Karin has spent time both as an Elation user and team member!

Here at Elation, our philosophy centers on enabling independent physicians to focus on their patients through an easy to use Clinical First EHR.  That’s why every new employee at Elation shadows a physician during their first weeks at the company.  It helps everyone on our team to understand what physicians need at the point of care.

One team member at Elation has particular extensive experience spending time in an independent physician’s office – Karin Feng, our team lead for customer support.  Before she started at Elation in March 2012, Karin worked as a solo medical assistant for Dr. Dennis Fong’s independent primary care practice.

Karin started working at Dr. Fong’s practice after his medical assistant went on maternity leave. Because the former medical assistant went into labor early, “I only had two days of training before beginning my new role,” Karin explained. “That includes training for how to use the EHR in the practice — Elation.”

Elation was the first electronic health record Karin had experience using. “I found it to be actually pretty easy to learn how to use Elation because of how user friendly the technology is.”

Besides the accessibility of Elation’s platform, Karin found that one of the most beneficial features of using Elation at her practice was the incredible customer support.

“When I filed my first support ticket, Conan, the co-founder of Elation actually called me back.” Karin said. “To know an executive of a company is willing to drop everything and call a user to help them with a support issues was amazing.”

Eventually, Karin had the opportunity to join Elation’s team. “I was scared at first because I knew everyone working at Elation was really smart and working really hard to solve a big problem in health care. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it!”

But with her experience working at an independent practice, Karin was quickly able to get up to speed and has since contributed in many different roles at Elation.

When Karin joined Elation, there were just 6 employees.  At first she was an executive assistant, then Elation’s first QA specialist helping the engineering team test updates to the product.  After that Karin moved to physician onboarding and then billing and business operations. Now she’s focused on building out a world-class customer support team to help physicians and staff succeed using Elation in their practices.

“The only thing I haven’t done at Elation is coding, sales, and marketing!” Karin jokes.  “I’m really excited to focus on support and build a great team. And I love working directly with our customers to help them get the most out of our system.”

Almost seven years after filing her first support ticket with Elation, Karin believes that Elation has stuck with its core values.“Customers are always in our minds,” Karin said. “Being a medical assistant or shadowing a doctor gave me a lot of perspective into our user’s needs and their daily workflow.”

As a team manager, Karin is excited about continuing her work at Elation and seeing what the future might hold. “The amount of dedication we have to our customers hasn’t changed which is amazing,” Karin said. “I know for a fact that if we did things in a different way we could have more customers but not happy customers.  But we took the time to earn their trust, and I think heading in a really great direction because we’ve earned so much trust from our customers.”