Weekly Rounds: Point-of-Care feature release, On-site healthcare, DPC doctors, PCMH benefits

This week, we have learned why on-site care is the most attractive employer benefit to millennials, perspectives from Dr. Roussel, an employed-turned DPC doctor, Elation’s latest Point-of-Care Labs feature, CMS’ “Patients Over Paperwork” initiative, and the important role primary care physicians play in the PCMH model.

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  1. Why on-site care is attractive to millennials – In a 2017 FitSmallBusiness survey, one-third of Millennials agreed that healthcare is the most important benefit they look for in a new job. Discover why Millennials value on-site care and the benefits on-site clinics.
  2. Perspectives from an employed-turned DPC doctor – Landon Roussel, MD, began his medical career with a large healthcare provider but soon discovered he was sacrificing patient care quality for the hospital’s bottom line. Dr. Roussel left to open his own direct primary care practice, Communitas Primary Care, and now operates as an independent physician.
  3. Improving clinical efficiency with Elation’s new Point-of-Care Labs feature – Elation users now have access to our new Point-of-Care (POC) Labs feature! Now independent practices will be able to record POC Labs in a matter of seconds, allowing physicians to spend more time with their patients and less time using technology.
  4. CMS aims to ease physician regulatory burdens – The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced their latest initiative to combat tedious paperwork. Read how “Patients Over Paperwork” will help independent primary care physicians balance regulations and reimbursement paperwork.
  5. The important role primary care physicians play in the patient-centered medical home – In the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) model, the primary care physician plays a pivotal role coordinating patient care -continuously throughout a patient’s life. Learn how patients with chronic conditions are benefiting under the PCMH model.