Medical Economics on Kyna Fong’s optimistic vision for primary care as a sustainable foundation for healthcare

Medical Economics recently published a piece highlighting some of Kyna Fong, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Elation Health‘s vision for healthcare during her keynote address at PC22. Primary Care for America, a collaboration devoted to promoting and sustaining primary care, held the two-day conference, held in person and online May 25 and 26.

“The topic that I was going to focus on is, where do we go from here? And what’s the future of primary care?” Fong said. “And not to be not to be overly dramatic, but I do think we have an opportunity of a lifetime here, at least our lifetimes, to really take primary care to the next level and have a sustainable health care system that really is grounded in sustainable primary care.”

In the piece and in the conference, Fong also shared her thoughts on the role of technology:

“In health care, technology often is spoken about ‘as a barrier, as a limitation, as a creation of friction,’ when it should help physicians, Fong said.”

“And that is a tremendous opportunity,” she said. “We should have technology … that enables us to really achieve our goals, reduce repetitive work and allow high quality talent be able to focus on what it is they do best.”

Despite the complexities and challenges facing primary care clinicians Fong has an optimistic view of the future of primary care:

“In conclusion, I think the future of primary care is incredibly bright,” Fong said. “I’m incredibly optimistic about it. And this last day and a half has only added fuel to that and I hope all of you will return to your respective organizations with a renewed passion, renewed energy, and acknowledge that this is a community, and a growing community, that really wants to see primary care thrive.”

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