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10 companies that provide on-site or near-site care for their employees

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10 companies that provide on-site or near-site care for their employees

10 companies that provide on-site or near-site care for their employees July 28, 2017

Providing easy, affordable health care access for employees has become a huge focus for employers as health care costs continue to prove to be a challenge to both employers and employees alike. Several companies are turning to near-site or on-site clinics as a means of providing comprehensive primary care to their employees at no cost or lower cost to benefit eligible employees.

Here are 10 of the best companies to work for that are utilizing on-site or near-site care clinics.

1. National Public Radio (NPR) Back in 2013, when NPR relocated they took the opportunity to devote thousands of square feet of their new building to employee wellness and health care.  Their in house urgent care clinic is free to any benefit-eligible employee, regardless if they are enrolled in the health plan.

2. CHG Healthcare Services CHG’s on-site health clinics are open to not only the employees, but to their families as well, for comprehensive primary care, acute care, and laboratory testing. The clinic is free even if the employee is not enrolled in the company health plan.

3. USAA – The on-site clinic at USAA allows employees to get cancer screenings, flu shots, blood pressure checks, and other screenings provided by licensed registered nurses and other support staff. As an additional health perk licensed occupational and physical therapists administer on-site massage and some physical rehabilitation.

4. Goldman Sachs – The largest offices at Goldman Sachs offer an on-site health facility while some of the other offices offer on-site fitness centers. These are available to all enrolled employees and their dependents.

5. CustomInk – On-site convenient health care is located at each location. They also have exceptional health care coverage – covering 99% of employees health care premiums.

6. Arthrex –   At their southwest Florida locations, Arthrex provides on-site medical concierge clinics that are free to employees.

7. JM Family Enterprises – There are 9 on-site health and wellness centers at JM Family Enterprises locations. Company doctors are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a dedicated help line.

8. Quicktrip – The gas station chain has multiple health care clinic locations available to their 20,000+ employees. Comprehensive primary care is available to employees and their family members. Many of the on-site physicians work solely for Quicktrip clinics.

9. Capital One Financial – Multiple on-site medical locations along with fitness centers are provided to help employees meet their health and wellness goals.

10. Mars – On-site medical care is available for employees. The candy giant has even won awards from the Workplace Wellness Councils of America for their health & wellness initiatives.