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Could independent physicians save healthcare?

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Could independent physicians save healthcare?

Could independent physicians save healthcare? September 19, 2017

In the move toward value-based care and a stronger patient-physician relationship, it may just be the independent physician who can save the state of healthcare in the US today. Several physicians provided input regarding their views on how physicians can save healthcare, in a recent edition of Medical Economics.

Ed Bujold, MD, FAAFP, wrote that he believes the way to save the healthcare system is for every patient to “have a primary care physician in a highly functioning medical home.” Others pointed out that the physician should coordinate care provided by specialty physicians, to act on test results and to be sure that duplications do not occur.

An industry shift to empowering independent physicians to be able to focus more on patient care can make a tremendous difference in patient outcomes, in expenditures, and in the cost to the patient as well as the healthcare professional. As Dr. Bujold suggests, “It is the physicians and their ancillary personnel who understand how the system should work. Build the system around a strong primary care workforce.”

Many physicians see healthcare as being too hospital-centric or insurance-centric. New Medicare and Medicaid regulations feel restrictive, even as both entities are pushing the transition to value-based care. Independent physicians are truly on the “front lines” of patient care and are the ones who can effect change in the system.

Elation Health’s philosophy has always been focused on giving the independent physician the tools necessary to provide value-based, patient-centric care. We are committed to bridging that enormous chasm between the world of policy and payers, and the world of the front-line physician.

Elation’s electronic health record (EHR) system enables physicians to access patient data, input visit notes, and view information entered by multiple providers, so they can focus on their patients instead of on paperwork.

Our mission is to strengthen the relationship between patients and physicians, and enable phenomenal care for everyone, both essential factors in the independent physician’s ability to save healthcare.