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CPC+ expanded to new regions

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CPC+ expanded to new regions

CPC+ expanded to new regions June 30, 2017

Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) is a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) incentive program aimed at improving patient health and outcomes by augmenting the way Primary Care Physicians get paid. CPC+ adds monthly Care Management Fees, the standard Medicare Fee Schedule based payments, as well as incentive payments based on performance in the program.

The first round of the program began in January 2017. According to the CMS, there are 2,891 primary care practices participating in CPC+ Round 1. The second round of the CPC+ program began in May 2017 and has expanded the program to four new regions:

1.    Louisiana: Statewide

2.    Nebraska: Statewide

3.    North Dakota: Statewide

4.    New York: Greater Buffalo Region (Erie and Niagara Counties)

Eligible practices located in these regions may apply to participate in CPC+ Round 2 from May 18, 2017, until July 13, 2017.

What does this mean for independent physicians? CPC+ is an advanced primary care medical home model that offers incentives for delivering high-quality primary care, and has been dubbed the “largest-ever” move to change US primary care delivery and payment. CPC+ provides independent practices with the opportunity to get out of the MIPS “zero-sum game” without having to take on significant financial risk. In addition, practices will have access to that 5% annual bonus for participating in an advanced Alternative Payment Model (APM)

CPC+ has at one of its goals reducing healthcare costs by keeping the patient population healthy. By proactively working decrease unnecessary healthcare utilization, the CMS goal is in line with that of independent physicians who want to focus on their patients’ healthcare quality while also remaining financially solvent.

Additional CPC+ goals include:

·         Access and Continuity

·         Planned Care for Chronic Conditions and Preventive Care

·         Risk-Stratified Care Management

·         Patients and Caregiver Engagement

·         Coordination of Care Across the Medical Neighborhood

Elation is also focused on improved coordination of care. We have invested in the needed tools and support to help participants succeed and get the most out of CPC+. Elation’s powerful Collaborative Health Record includes the workflow improvements, reporting capabilities, and collaboration tools required to support physicians throughout this program. Learn more about CPC+ on CMS’ website.

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