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Elation Health launches seven new healthcare-focused blogs

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Elation Health launches seven new healthcare-focused blogs

Elation Health launches seven new healthcare-focused blogs July 5, 2017

Keeping up with healthcare and finding the right information can be challenging and time-consuming – especially for independent physicians that would rather direct any much-needed time toward their patients.

In order to make it easier for physicians provide care, we recently launched seven new targeted blogs that cover some of the healthcare topics independent physicians are the most interested about. The articles on these blogs are researched and produced by various members of Elation’s diverse team who have specific expertise on these topics.

Readers can choose to follow these blog on Elation’s site or subscribe to each individual blog to receive posts in their inbox for by-the-minute updates. Learn more about the new blogs:

1. Primary Care Physicians: A blog specially dedicated to providing relevant news and helpful advice for primary care physicians who are dedicated to strengthening the patient-physician relationship.

2. Health Policy and Healthcare News: Stay on top of any new changes in healthcare with this blog. You will also be able to find easy-to-follow articles on dense health policy topics that affect independent physicians.

3. Independent Practices and Physician Associations: Independent practices and independent physician associations (IPAs) can leverage our independent practices blog to improve care outcomes for their patients.

4. On-Site and Near-Site Employer Health Clinics: Read and follow the latest trends for on-site and near-site employer health clinics with this blog.

5. Clinical EHR Tips: EHR-users can make the most out of their EHRs and how to keep the patient-physician relationship the center of the visit by following this blog.

6. Direct Care and Concierge Medicine: As a movement that is growing more and more everyday, our direct care blog focuses on crucial resources and tips that can help you launch, run and grow your direct care practice.

7. Interoperability and Coordinated Care: With this blog, readers can learn and discover the best ways to promote coordinated care for their patients.

By helping you stay up-to-date with the latest in healthcare and supporting your practice – no matter what model you choose – Elation gives you the freedom to focus on your patients.

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