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Elation Customer Service Starts on Day 1

Elation Customer Service Starts on Day 1 Elation Customer Service Starts on Day 1 March 24, 2015

Elation is a Software-as-a-Service company. That might not mean a lot to you. It’s not a phrase we use often. That’s because we believe that giving exceptional customer service is as important as building intuitive software.

And frankly, there’s nothing like the human touch.

If you’re new to Elation, or you’ve been a friend for years, you’ve met our Implementation Team who helps you transition from paper or another EMR to our software. But did you know they also advocate for your needs and requests with internal teams like our product managers?

We took a moment to talk with Implementation Manager, Vanessa Rogers about her role.

“When I originally imagined my role as an Implementation Manager I thought mainly about the lives of patients. After I shadowed a provider and his staff for a day, I realized how much support they need and deserve.”

Vanessa asked a staff member at the practice, “How important is a tool like Elation to you?”
“Elation is the job; I’m in it all day long.”

Hearing that feedback impresses the importance of our Implementation Managers. It’s not enough to build a tool people can use. If they don’t enjoy using it, the product is useless.

“Simple design decisions make a huge impact,” Vanessa said.

You might be nodding your head right now if you’ve ever found yourself cursing at a device. We certainly have.

“I can have a positive impact by successfully training our users so they feel confident and comfortable using our EMR,” Vanessa added.

“We shouldn’t substitute or disrupt the personal connection between a provider and patient. Elation should operate in the background. It is a tool that reinforces relationships between people, not data. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and the journey ahead.”

We couldn’t agree more, Vanessa.