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Elation Applauds Dr. Abraham Verghese

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Elation Applauds Dr. Abraham Verghese

Elation Applauds Dr. Abraham Verghese April 8, 2015

Author, doctor, teacher, thinker Dr. Abraham Verghese (Stanford University, CA) celebrates what is so beautiful about cardiology and being a doctor. Dr. Verghese spoke of two hearts; the one cardiologists heal and the organ that connects us as people. Read the entire article that stopped us in our tracks and had us standing to applaud Dr. Verghese, who mentioned a study that reported a typical ER doctor spends 46% of the time on a computer and a typical day includes 4,000 clicks. Another study showed medical trainees at Stanford spent more than 6 hours per day logged into a computer.

This is a rally-cry for smarter technology, better designs, and meaningful tools in healthcare that actually work for the users who depend on these solutions so that they can do what their hands were trained to do, which is heal.

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