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ePrescribe with efficiency and effectiveness

Our streamlined workflow combined with actionable medication coverage and cost data saves time and money

ePrescribing and medication ordering enhancements save time, consolidate workflows, and improve point-of-care medication decision-making and pricing transparency:

  • The unified + enhanced Prescription Form allows prescribers and their delegates to queue and order multiple prescriptions - including both non-controlled and controlled substances - in a single session. Additional form optimizations include:

    • Functionality to ePrescribe multiple controlled substances at once.

    • The ability to print or transmit prescriptions to different pharmacies at once.

    • The new “Days Supply” field.

    • Improved display of packaging details and National Drug Codes (NDCs).

  • On-demand formulary and prescription cost estimate data provides medication coverages available for the patient, on-demand formulary data, and real-time prescription cost data directly within the point-of-care Prescription Form workflow. Other advantages of the enhanced integration include:

    • Up-to-date patient coverage data displays automatically upon launching the new Prescription Form, regardless of whether health insurance information is documented in Elation. 

    • Once a medication is added, formulary status will display along with coverage limitations, prior authorization requirements, and medication alternatives, if applicable.

    • Medication copay and cost estimates, including out-of-pocket costs and deductible balance, will also display along with quantity limitations and pricing variances by pharmacy type, if available.

enhanced Prescription Form

Enhanced prescribing features + integration:

Deliver accurate and actionable data at the point-of-care to support patient-centered prescription decision making.

Improve patient engagement through cost transparency.

Streamline ordering workflows to reduce burden and maximize time with patients.

Review the  Help Center guide or watch the recorded webinar for details on all of the ePrescribing features.