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How to make the most of your Clinical EHR to combat burnout

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How to make the most of your Clinical EHR to combat burnout November 1, 2017

Physicians are suffering from burnout in increasing rates. Among the factors contributing to their burnout is a feeling that they lack control over their work, increased pressure to provide higher quality care for less cost, inefficiencies in providing that care, and the need to balance patient care with increased federal and state regulations. According to a report in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, there has been “a significant uptick in physicians reporting at least one sign of burnout over the past several years — from 45 percent in 2011 to 54 percent in 2014.”

Another factor in the increase in physician burnout is EHR technology, “despite the benefits of these forms of health IT.” Many physicians understand the benefits of using an EHR system, but have found their EHR systems do not communicate well with each other or are inefficient to use.

How can independent physicians leverage a more user-friendly system to reduce burnout? One solution is Elation’s Clinical EHR for independent physicians. While many physicians have complained that using an EHR system actually takes more time out of their busy schedules to manage, Elation is dedicated to producing a provider-centric Clinical EHR solution, focused on enhancing the provider-patient relationship and on the quality of care the independent physician is able to provide that patient.

Additionally, the American Medical Association (AMA) has recognized the pressures that befall many physicians. The AMA is working with federal officials as well as EHR vendors to help make sure physicians’ concerns are heard, in regard to future EHR design and use.

Elation’s Clinical EHR for independent physicians is designed based on our philosophy of bridging the chasm that results in poorly-conceived IT systems that simply add to the physician’s burdens. We believe EHR systems should be designed to talk to each other, to be used efficiently, and to eventually transform the delivery of healthcare itself.

Contact us to learn about our Clinical EHR for independent physicians and to learn how we can help you combat burnout.