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ICD-10 transition receives incredible reviews from physicians

ElationEMR launched the first phase of ICD-10 functionality and it has been a hit!

Users are thrilled with how easy it is to lookup diagnoses in the search, add problems to the Problem List, and crosswalk existing codes.

Keeping their practices running without lost productivity during this transition was a top priority of all Elation users and that’s exactly what they got.

Some of Elation’s physicians delighted by those new features:

“Looks like you have made the ICD-10 transition a breeze! Thanks to everyone on the team who made this work.” – Robert Rogers, MD

“The new IMO/ICD10 is so easy to search and the number has nice font too! I’m impressed!” – Joy Meng, MD

“Just wanted to let you know that I love the ICD-10 crosswalk on Elation! So easy to use!” – Melissa Wong, MD

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Find out how to keep your practice at full speed during this transition.

Watch Elation’s ICD-10 powerful search in action:

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