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Ideas for Facebook posts for direct primary care practices

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Direct primary care (DPC) is a unique and relatively new concept. Many potential patients may have questions about how the practice operates, particularly about the membership fee structure. DPCs function primarily on monthly patient membership fees, rather than depending on insurance reimbursements or visit co-pays. Education and marketing may be necessary to grow a DPC practice, given the potential lack of knowledge and even misunderstandings about this new model of independent physician care.

In today’s world of social media activity, one of the best ways to get the word out is through Facebook. Over half of the adults in the United States are on Facebook, so there’s a good chance there will be a great number in your area, viewing information you post on your page on a regular basis.

The recommendation is to post several times a week, to be sure your practice has consistent, frequent exposure to patients and potential patients. While that number may be intimidating, there are many great ideas for posting on your DPC’s Facebook page:

  • Fun team photos of your practice staff, with a brief caption. Even better, ask your FB followers to suggest that caption, to keep the post interactive.
  • Health tips. Demonstrate your expertise and help your followers with information about flu shots, vitamins, and other general topics.
  • DPC facts.  Help your followers understand how your practice works and how it benefits them as patients. You can also open up the comment section for questions about DPCs.
  • Patient testimonials. Feature real patients (with their permission) with a brief blurb about why they chose your practice for their healthcare needs.
  • Inspirational quote. Facebook loves inspiring, motivating quotes with appropriate related graphics. Once a week or so, share some uplifting words about healthy bodies and minds.
  • Video of yourself and/or your staff. Facebook provides a feature that enables you to record and post “live” video. Seeing you and your staff in action, so to speak, can reassure potential patients that you have a welcoming practice.