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KLAS insights on worksite health services

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KLAS insights on worksite health services

KLAS insights on worksite health services May 22, 2018

From the company doctor to a full range of health and fitness amenities, the worksite clinic has evolved significantly over the past several years. The number of on-site, employer-sponsored clinics has also increased, as employers realize the many benefits of worksite health services, for themselves as well as for their employees.

KLAS Research recently published their findings on worksite health services, as they focus on exploring “areas in which new trends and opportunities are reshaping how healthcare is accessed and delivered.” As part of their study, KLAS has defined “worksite health services” as “employer-sponsored healthcare delivery (i.e., on-site clinics) and prevention services done at or near the employer worksite.”

Their study examined the way employers approach and implement worksite health services for their employees and provides a list of worksite health services vendors. The report resulted from “discovery and scoping work done by KLAS” as well as “KLAS interviews with vendors, industry associations, and employer organizations.”

The research found that employers typically take one of three different approaches to providing healthcare services for their employees:

  • Engaging with a third-party vendor to provide healthcare services in a clinic setting.
  • Resourcing their own clinical staff in a kind of “do it yourself” approach.
  • Putting together a hybrid approach in which some healthcare services are provided by a third party and some provided by in-house staff. This approach may also involve contracting with a local healthcare facility for some services.

In addition, the research study determined that three goals are often “top of mind” when employers decide to contract with a third-party vendor for healthcare services for their employees. Employers generally want to:

  • Improve employee health
  • Reduce healthcare costs for themselves and their employees
  • Encourage employee engagement and loyalty.

The approach to worksite heath services may differ, depending on the employer size and capabilities, but the fact remains that on-site and near-site healthcare clinics are on the increase. Employers and employees alike are realizing their many benefits, including convenient access to healthcare and cost savings.