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The significance of connected care technology

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Advances in technology have significantly improved communication tools in general. For the healthcare industry, in particular, advanced connectivity enables physicians and patients to communicate and to collaborate on the patient’s healthcare plan.

The Future Health Index report explores the areas in which connected care technology impacts patient healthcare the most, where it benefits patients and how it needs to improve for future care quality. The report indicates that:

  • Seventy-eight percent of Americans and 78 percent of healthcare professionals see connected care technology as most useful for treating medical issues.
  • Seventy-six percent of Americans and 75 percent of healthcare professionals think it’s most useful for diagnosing medical conditions.

The Index reports on results of “surveys and interviews with more than 33,000 healthcare professionals, insurers and members of the public across 19 countries and five continents.” One of the main findings of these surveys and interviews is that most participants agreed “that digital technology can and must provide people with more control to manage their own health and health providers with tools to improve care delivery.”

Connected care technology includes the ability for patients and physicians to communicate seamlessly and with minimal effort. Patients who are able to collaborate with their physicians are more engaged in their own healthcare plan, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Collaboration between physicians is also crucial to the quality of a patient’s healthcare plan. When technology enables an independent primary care physician, for example, to electronically share records and view notes from other healthcare providers, that physician is better able to manage the total healthcare for the patient. Lab results and visit notes available electronically reduce the time waiting for information and reduce the risk of errors and duplications.

Elation Health’s philosophy is focused on the much-needed connected care technology platform that strengthens the relationship between patients and physicians and enables phenomenal care for everyone.