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What should you include on your practice website?

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Independent practices are very much like other small businesses that need websites. Having a website can be helpful for attracting new patients, providing information for existing patients, and for patient management. As an independent physician, what should you include on your website?

Some essential elements of a website for an independent physician include:

About Us. In this section you will provide information about your practice, about yourself as the primary physician, and about the office staff. Describe your experience, including how long you’ve been practicing, your education, and any areas of expertise you and your staff may have. Include any volunteer activities you and your staff participate in, to further connect with your patients and to show your engagement in your community.

Services.  Are you a primary care physician? Do you have a lab or x-ray facilities onsite? Do you offer online billing and appointments? In this section, describe the services you and your office provide to your patients. The types of services you provide could make a difference when attracting new patients.

Contact Us. Make sure your phone number and location are displayed prominently. Include a map link with your location, so new patients will know how to get to your office. Many patients might prefer to send an email or a secure online message, so it will be helpful to have those options available on your contact page as well.

Patient Portal. A secure patient portal enables you to communicate directly with your patients and helps with patient management. While many of your patients may still prefer to pick up the phone and call, many will appreciate the ability to communicate, schedule, and review visit notes on a secure portal.

Testimonials. You have happy patients – ask them to share their thoughts about the care they receive at your practice, on your website! New patients will be reassured by reading your current patients’ stories. People tend to go where other people have had good experiences.

Blogs and News. Share helpful information with your patients, such as recommending how often they should have their physical exam done, what kinds of questions they should ask when they come to see you, and other tips and tricks that will position you as an expert in your field. You can also post industry news, particularly on current topics such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and healthcare coverage in general. Be sure to update your content regularly, so your patients have something to look forward to and so search engines can find fresh content!

As an independent physician, you are focused on your patient’s’ care. An informational website, with all the right elements, will help with your patient management and with attracting new patients!

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