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5 articles you may have missed on Elation’s blogs

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As independent practices around the country continue to spend valuable time caring for their patients, we spend our time publishing timely, relevant information for everything from health policy to tips for running a successful practice so that you can spend less time trying to keep up with the headlines and more time providing care.

If you haven’t had a chance to read our healthcare-focused blogs or subscribe to get information and news straight to your inbox, read below to keep up with you may have missed last week:

  1. How can EHRs help with coordinated care? – Learn more about how EHRs that allow physicians to have patient data at their fingertips play a key role in helping independent physicians coordinate care – particularly for patients with chronic or complex conditions.
  2. Primary care physicians’ role in reversing cardiovascular disease – Recent studies have highlighted the importance of primary care in reversing cardiovascular disease. What are some helpful recommendations from health agencies like WHO for primary care physicians?
  3. What is a Clinical First EHR? – How is a Clinical First EHR different than a traditional electronic health record? Read on to learn more about Clinical First EHRs and how they can be used to provide high-quality patient care.
  4. Getting the most out of an employer health clinic – On-site and near-site employer health clinics have the ability to provide a large number of benefits to employers and employees. What are some tactics for getting the most out of employer clinic care?
  5. What are the first steps to take for starting a DPC practice? – As the number of new direct primary care practices grows, what are some of the first steps prospective DPC physicians – whether they already have their own independent practice or not – need to take to succeed?