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Getting the most out of an employer health clinic

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Getting the most out of an employer health clinic

Getting the most out of an employer health clinic July 28, 2017

When an employer decides to offer an on-site clinic to its employees, the first step it needs to take is to ask the right questions. The choice of a clinic provider and the arrangement made between the clinic and the employer can significantly impact whether the employer and its employees are able to get the most benefit out of the on-site clinic. Understanding exactly what types of services a clinic can provide will also enable the employer to realize the most benefits from the arrangement.

Depending on the work environment of the business, an employer may see greater costs savings with an on-site clinic that is primarily run by a Physician’s Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner. For a business that is involved in heavy manual labor, an on-site clinic with more extensive staff and capabilities, including a physician and x-ray facilities, might prove more beneficial to the employer and its employees.

An on-site clinic that emphasizes preventive care will benefit an employer that is concerned about absenteeism. Many on-site clinics focus on diagnoses, screenings, and preventive measures such as flu shots. The clinic can then share those records with the employee’s primary care physician for further healthcare treatment. Choosing a clinic that incorporates the use of electronic health records (EHR) can make a significant difference in the employee’s coordinated care plan.

Employers can promote the on-site clinic as an added benefit in their recruiting, hiring, and retention efforts. Reassuring employees and potential employees of the convenience and security of on-site healthcare will help the employer attract and retain quality employees. Choosing a clinic that is also willing to work with the employers to review and improve workplace health and safety, the ergonomics involved in the business operations, can help an employer realize a greater benefit as well.

Measuring the return on investment (ROI) of the on-site clinic’s services will help the employer gain a clearer picture of just how much it is getting out of the on-site health clinic. A 2015 survey, cited in Modern Healthcare, found that “more employers are now measuring ROI, though only 12% have commissioned independent analyses.”