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Who can benefit the most from employer site clinics?

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Who can benefit the most from employer site clinics?

Who can benefit the most from employer site clinics? July 28, 2017

Employers may provide an on-site or near-site clinic for their employees as an added perk, to improve their employees’ healthcare access, or even to save the company money. These clinics offer a number of benefits for everyone involved. Many people benefit from on-site or near-site clinics, including a surprising group of potential employees.

Employers themselves benefit when they offer preventive and primary care to their employees at on-site or near-site clinics. The employer generally sees positive results in the form of reduced absenteeism, healthier employees, and financial savings in regard to benefit costs. The employer may also see fewer occurrences of employees showing up for work when they are not feeling well who still attempt to perform their job or possibly even infect other employees.

Independent primary care physicians benefit from employer on-site or near-site clinics as they are able to provide that preventive and diagnostic care that is so important to the continued health outcomes for their patients. Employees who have easy access to a primary care physician are more likely to take advantage of those services. Employees want to be sure their health information is protected and will not be shared with their employer, but the independent primary care physician is always bound to those HIPAA regulations, regardless of the care venue.

Employees, of course, also greatly benefit from having that access to primary care on-site. These clinics have proven to be an effective enticement for recruiting employees, particularly millennials. According to a recent article in Forbes, “more and more millennials are seeking out companies that have an onsite health clinic.” Millennials are especially concerned about their healthcare costs and see on-site clinics as financially attractive. Millennials may also be encouraged to become more involved in their healthcare if the on-site clinic uses the latest in technology tools, such as EHR and electronic patient communication.

Employer on-site and near-site clinics benefit employers, independent primary care physicians, and employees. Costs are lowered, absenteeism is lowered, and employees have convenient access to quality preventive and diagnostic healthcare.