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Elated to be at HLTH22 in Las Vegas

Elation Health was proud to be a sponsor at HLTH 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this month. HLTH is healthcare’s number one innovation event, with nearly 10,000 attendees, over 300 speakers, and over 800 sponsoring organizations. Some of the headliners at this year’s event were Alexis Mcgil Johnson, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood, Aaron Martin, and Amazon’s VP of Healthcare. 

Elation Co-Founder and CEO Kyna Fong took to the conference’s “Newsroom Stage” for ten minutes, sharing news of Elation’s partnership with Ribbon Health and findings from Elation’s case study with Crossover Health. In her talk, Kyna also relayed the importance of alternative payment models and unblocked clinical data as key drivers of primary care-led healthcare reform on a national scale. She also announced Elation’s KLAS results, and shared her excitement for Elation to continue those efforts in a market where satisfaction is rare.

This event is a great opportunity for innovators, investors, and partners to collaborate at the cutting edge of healthcare and to help shape the future of healthcare. Elation Health is looking forward to another successful HLTH event next year, and we are excited for more opportunities to meet and collaborate with leaders in primary care innovation.