Elation Provider Network

Discover the power of EPN

What is the Elation Provider Network (EPN)?

EPN is a service built inside of Elation’s Clinical EHR to help ease the pain of patient care coordination. EPN was designed to establish a collaboration between providers that is both efficient and effortless. It is a true demonstration of our Clinical First Philosophy: enabling physicians with the help of technology so they can provide quality care.

EPN simplifies the secure sharing of clinical data with patients and physicians with a directory of providers and their staff, who use Elation or collaborate with Elation users.

Elation’s Provider Network works by automatically identifying the providers who have cared for your patients based on clinical interactions. After identifying relevant collaborators, the EPN verifies providers’ contact information to make it easy for physicians to connect with past and present collaborators. Ultimately, a physician can reliably communicate and share patient information in just 3 clicks — even with providers that don’t use Elation’s Clinical EHR.

Why was the Elation Provider Network created?

The average primary care physician coordinates care with 229 other physicians working in 117 different practices. This communication requires a huge amount of time and logistical work, and providers don’t have the right tools to help them manage these relationships. Surprisingly, physicians often rely on their memory, Excel spreadsheets or Word documents that are updated annually, or even more infrequently, to maintain their colleagues’ contact information.

Based on our user’s experience, what makes this communication even more difficult is the fact that 50 to 60 percent of provider contact information available in the National Provider Identifier (NPI) directory is incorrect, or missing the practice’s fax number.

Communicate with other providers.

The Elation Provider Network was built to save you time, it allows users to find a provider and send a letter in one click. Simply search for a provider and start your referral or letter, all within Elation. Attach anything in the patient chart and send your secure fax or email to any collaborator — even the ones that aren’t on Elation’s platform.

These are the top 3 benefits you can expect from Elation’s Provider Network:

  • Provider contact information is up to date and available automatically. We automatically identify all the providers who have cared for a patient based on clinical interactions, showing Elation providers the number of patients they have in common without them having to do a thing.
  • In just 3 clicks, Elation providers can send any set of clinical documents – reports, scanned documents, progress notes – in a patient’s chart to any provider in the country. It’s easier for a physician to choose and send all the relevant clinical documents along with a referral than it is to instruct staff on which documents to send. And if a fax fails or is not received, it just takes one click to re-send the entire referral.
  • Guaranteed delivery of clinical documents — even if the recipient is not an Elation user. The sender will receive a delivery receipt automatically once the letter has been opened by the recipient. If your recipient is not an Elation user, no worries. We will still guarantee delivery of clinical documents by making the clinical documents available for download through the Elation Passport service.

Communicate with patients.

Through Elation Health’s online Patient Passport, you can communicate directly with patients about their health. Share key clinical information, like lab results or visit notes, without ever leaving the Patient Chart. Your patients receive automatic access to critical health information as well.

The benefits patients receive from Elation Passport:

  • Notes from each doctor’s visit will automatically be available to your patient online.
  • Patients can securely message their doctor’s office about results or non-urgent questions they may have – your patients won’t have to wait until the office opens to ask a question.
  • Gain access to their allergies, current medications and other pertinent information that other clinicians can use to facilitate their care.