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EHR implementation tips

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The electronic health record (EHR) implementation process starts before you make the decision on which EHR solution to purchase for your independent practice. You will first need to determine your goals, assess your readiness, and prepare your team for the technology change. Patients will also need to know that you are implementing an EHR system, so communication and education will be necessary to ensure they are prepared as well.

Some EHR implementation tips that will help your independent practice be more successful with your new system include:

Prepare your team. Assess your team’s comfort level and understanding of computers, workflows, and clinical needs. It will be necessary, once your new system is in place, for your team to be trained on the EHR solution and the process used to optimize its effectiveness. They should be prepared to participate fully in learning how to properly use the EHR.

Prepare your patients. When your practice implements a new EHR system, there will be changes in the way you interact with your patients and in the way patients access their own medical data. Preparation and communication before implementation will ensure these changes are positive, benefitting both patient and independent practice.

Develop a plan. Include a timeline for announcing your new EHR, for training, for testing the system, and for fully implementing and using the EHR solution. Share the plan with all team members in the practice and encourage leaders within the organization to assist in implementing the plan.

Install the EHR. Work with your vendor on implementing the new system, migrating your data, and securing training for your team. Elation’s Clinical EHR takes less than one hour to learn and you will receive one-on-one implementation support from our dedicated team.

Seek assistance and guidance when you need it. With Elation, you will enjoy ongoing support. Your practice’s success is our primary focus, and we make it easy to get help when you need it. Contact us with the click of a button, on the phone, or via e-mail for unlimited, free support 24/7.