Keep your Charts Organized with Flexible Report Types

Dear Elation Community,

Today we’re excited to announce another way that you can customize Elation to better fit the needs of your practice – Flexible Report Types.

When you upload a report to a patient chart in Elation, you assign it a Report Type. Report Types allow you to categorize a report and group it with similar reports within each chart. You can now choose from over 60 different Report Types to use in your practice, including new types like Procedures, Psychiatric, and Surgery. Many thanks to everyone in the community who participated in our survey and helped us develop an extensive list of Report Types to accommodate the needs of the many different practices using Elation.


Flexible Report Types are just another way that Elation helps you organize and streamline the information in your patient charts. Learn more about Report Types and how you can get started customizing yours.

Thanks for your continued support. More to come soon!

The Elation Team

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