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What are the benefits of care management?

By Rod Farvard | February 5th, 2020

    While care management is typically thought of as an effective healthcare approach for patients, independent physicians and their practices can also realize benefits from implementing such ...

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    What is Care Management?

    By Rod Farvard | January 28th, 2020

      Focused on the patient and involving an entire team of providers, care management is, in the simplest of terms, collaborating to improve outcomes. More than care coordination, however, care ...

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      How to evaluate an onsite clinic

      By Nick Dealtry | January 21st, 2020

        An employer searching for healthcare options for employees may consider providing an onsite clinic as a benefit. There are many factors involved in determining whether an onsite clinic is ...

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        On-site, near-site clinics growing in appeal

        By Nick Dealtry | December 9th, 2019

          The number of employers offering healthcare clinics either on-site or near site has increased significantly since 2012, according to a survey conducted by Mercer in 2018. The 2018 Worksite ...

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          The history of onsite clinics

          By Nick Dealtry | November 1st, 2019

            Healthcare clinics physically located onsite at the employer’s facility are growing in popularity with businesses and with their employees. Offered as a benefit that has proven useful in ...

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            Who really owns your patient data?

            By Nick Dealtry | September 20th, 2019

              Implementing a new electronic health record (EHR) system involves many steps, including choosing a new EHR vendor, training staff on the new system, and migrating data from the old system ...