Fierce Healthcare and HIT Consultant share the news on our partnership with Dock Health

Elation was recently featured in Fierce Healthcare and HIT Consultant in two pieces that highlight our partnership with Dock Health to automate downstream clinical tasks to relieve the workload of already burned-out doctors.

In the article on Fierce Healthcare, Elation’s chief technology officer, Pratik Savai, talks about how the integration with Dock Health enables care teams to collaborate more efficiently: “The integration of the technologies improves practice performance and reduces “dropped balls” by leveraging Elation’s robust API to securely transmit relevant patient data and clinical events to automatically activate workflows in Dock, which helps to streamline time-consuming and often routine administrative processes,” Savai said.

Savai went on to say: “Today’s primary care clinicians require innovative solutions to meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving, and increasingly complex healthcare landscape. Elation is committed to enabling physicians with an end-to-end platform of tools and workflows purpose-built to advance the craft of medicine and restore the joy of practice.”

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