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Tackling rising health IT costs

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Tackling rising health IT costs

Tackling rising health IT costs July 28, 2017

Health IT costs have ballooned to an annual $32k a year per physician according to one study. The 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) promoted and provided funding for adoption of health information technology, but also imposed new requirements for independent physicians that resulted in increased costs.

Stimulating the use of electronic records and electronic health information exchange was intended to “establish programs to improve health care quality, safety, and efficiency through the promotion of health IT.” Being able to share health information is particularly important for independent primary care physicians with patients who see multiple providers. However, it is just those independent physicians who are challenged by the increased health IT costs.

In addition, the move toward value-based payments and away from the fee-for-service structure “requires more patient outreach and technology to pull off successful management of populations of patients,” according to a recent Forbes article. Independent physicians who are faced with complying with the HITECH Act and with adjusting to value-based payments, while also focusing on patient quality, need a solution.

Elation’s EHR system offers an affordable response to the changes in the Health IT environment. Electronic records and the interoperability between EHR systems give independent physicians the immediate access they need to patient information, enabling them to provide the coordinated care that will ultimately save on healthcare costs and provide higher quality patient care.

At Elation, our philosophy is ingrained in the solutions we provide to independent physicians. We offer a system that saves physicians money and helps them earn more. Our EHR system streamlines communication with patients and with other providers, saving time and money, as well as reducing duplication and errors caused by traditional communication methods.

Practice management enables physicians to reduce waste, reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, and improve their practice by better understanding and using their data for improved patient results.

At Elation, we understand the issue of rising costs and wasted time and money. Our solutions are designed to make Health IT more affordable and more effective for the independent primary care physician.