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Strategies for surviving a changing healthcare environment

Changes Symbolized

The past few years have been a challenge for many independent physicians. Rising costs, staffing issues, and the concerns associated with the pandemic have affected practices in many ways. However, there are a number of effective strategies that will help you and your team survive the changing healthcare environment for the continued success of your independent practice.

One of the more significant changes that occurred during the pandemic was the shift to virtual care. Even today, the use of telehealth is popular among patients and physicians alike. One recent survey found that many healthcare providers believe that up to 60% of all primary care patient interactions will be done virtually in the next three to five years. Keeping up with this trend, continuing to provide quality care in a virtual environment, will be an important strategy for surviving the changing healthcare environment going forward.

Additional strategies include:

  • Managing costs that continue to increase. Some cost-cutting measures can include negotiating better prices for supplies and ensuring that administrative costs are efficient. It’s also critical that billing and coding are accurate for more reliable reimbursement streams. An effective electronic health record (EHR) system can optimize insurance billing and reimbursement for the independent physician.

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  • Staying up-to-date with the latest in regulations in a constantly changing healthcare landscape. Remaining current with the latest trends, such as those identified for virtual care, and developments in treatment options can help ensure the practice is providing the highest quality care in the most efficient manner. Continuous learning is important for all members of the practice team.
  • Improving the quality of patient care, to reduce the number of unnecessary tests and office visits. Implementing new protocols, enhancing communications efforts, and optimizing the use of the EHR solution as well as other practice technology can help the independent physician survive the changing healthcare environment.
  • Meeting the challenge of workforce issues. The healthcare workforce is changing as well. Many practices are facing labor shortages and the inability to recruit and retain valuable employees. Taking the time to train staff members on the practice’s workflow and on techniques to provide high quality care are effective strategies for keeping up with the changing needs of the practice staff. Use training to instill a culture of safety that will impact staff and patients. A reassurance of a safe environment can also help attract and retain team members.
  • Protecting the practice against cyberattacks. Electronically stored data is potentially vulnerable in the changing healthcare environment. Protecting patient data is essential for the independent practice. Working with the EHR provider for insurance-based practices is the first step in ensuring that the practice is protected against cyberattacks.
  • Taking advantage of the latest in technology. The right EHR for insurance-based practices is critical for internal workflow as well as consistent revenue streams. While new technology may seem intimidating, working with an EHR system such as that offered by Elation Health for insurance-based practices can help the independent physician be more effective in keeping up with changes and continuing to provide the highest quality care for patients.