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MedCity News Features the Value of a Team-Based Approach to Primary Care

Dr. Sara Pastoor, Elation’s Director of Primary Care Advancement, recently joined up with Ann C. Greiner, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Primary Care Collaborative (PCC), to illustrate the value of patient-centered primary care through a team-based delivery model in a modern world.

In our increasingly mobile and “on-demand” lives, healthcare is becoming more transactional and more fragmented. While urgent care, hospitals, and on-demand telehealth offer convenience, they lack prevention and chronic disease management. Over time, this contributes significantly to the cost and burden of our underachieving healthcare system

According to Dr. Pastoor and Greiner, the solution is team-based primary care: a uniquely holistic approach to healthcare that can boost our system’s performance and lead to better health. While the individual components may vary, all teams have commonalities: 1) they develop powerful relationships with patients; 2) they incorporate new skills and care delivery opportunities that more comprehensively address patient needs; and 3) they leverage payment models that reward collaboration to promote better health.

To read the full article and see how it applies in a real-world scenario, go to MedCity News: Team-Based Primary Care Offers a Solution for an Underachieving Healthcare System