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Clinical First EHR features: Dynamic Problem List

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Clinical First EHR features: Dynamic Problem List

Clinical First EHR features: Dynamic Problem List November 1, 2017

Maintaining a current and accurate patient problem list is not only an effective way to track a patient’s medical progress, it is also now a core measure in the Meaningful Use specifications established by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Traditionally, notes regarding patient problems have been kept on paper in the patient’s files. The physician would review those notes prior to a patient visit and add follow-up notes after each visit. With the advent of electronic health records (EHRs), however, these notes can now be entered and annotated quickly and easily. An overview of the patient’s medical history is now available to the physician and the assisting clinical staff, making everyone’s time spent with the patient more efficient and effective.

Elation’s Clinical First EHR features a Dynamic Problem List designed for independent physicians who want to spend more time providing quality healthcare to their patients and less time on paperwork. The Dynamic Problem List feature enables providers to import a problem list and associated lab values into visit notes with just one click.

We have integrated a smart-mapping algorithm that will organize the Subjective section to make the process even more efficient. Action items can be prioritized with a dynamic sort, to enable the provider and clinical staff to view and act on the most important issues first.

Patients want their physician’s attention during a visit and physicians want to be able to provide quality care during the time they have to spend with the patient. The Dynamic Problem List includes a Smart Visit Note feature that will automatically record the provider’s actions during the patient visit, so the physician does not have to spend excessive amounts of time writing visit notes.

Charting can be completed with a variety of notation templates, including free text and dictation support. Additionally, report views and lab orders that occur during a patient visit are automatically logged in the Objective section of the visit note.

At Elation, we focus on helping independent physicians become more efficient and more effective in providing quality healthcare to their patients. Our Dynamic Problem List is another invaluable feature of our Clinical First EHR, designed to accomplish those goals.