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Elation demonstrates clinical first EHR at Health 2.0 event

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Elation demonstrates clinical first EHR at Health 2.0 event

Elation demonstrates clinical first EHR at Health 2.0 event October 19, 2016

Last month, Elation was invited to share the benefits of using a clinical first EHR at the “Re-Imagining the EMR Experience Panel” during the annual Health 2.0 Conference. Our CEO and co-founder, Kyna Fong, participated in the panel by sharing Elation’s philosophy on revolutionizing EHR platforms: creating a user experience that deeply respects the heart of healthcare — the patient-physician relationship.
What is Health 2.0?
Health 2.0 is one of the largest stages for technologies that aim to transform healthcare. The event, held in the Fall, features some of the most innovative companies focused on catalyzing change in healthcare via technology. Joined by healthcare designer and innovator, Abbe Don, Kyna had a chance to demo and answer questions about the work Elation is doing to delight physicians and improve care quality.

Re-Imagining the EHR
Most of the discussion during the panel revolved around cutting-edge advancements that have helped to re-imagine what an EHR can be. Kyna had a chance to show how Elation is more than just a static record by showcasing the patient longitudinal record (PLR), which acts as a dynamic patient record that allows physicians to seamlessly collaborate and coordinate care. Unlike most other health IT systems, Elation was presented as an interactive, intelligent, and more predictive tool.

Empathy at the core of Elation
After the demos, Kyna had a chance to answer some questions. One question in particular initiated a particularly relevant conversation: “What role does empathy and user experience play in how you imagine the next iteration of your product?” Kyna talked about how at Elation, empathy is the most critical component for designing our platform and acts as a compass for where Elation will go next.

Everyday, the team here at Elation puts themselves in physician’s shoes (sometimes even literally) to better understand the needs of the independent physicians we serve. With features like PLR and direct messaging, we’re also working non-stop to make Elation even more useful and supportive.

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DC Health Week Code-a-Thon 1312” by Ted Eytan is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0