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Clinical First EHR features: Cockpit View

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Managing a patient’s records during a visit can be cumbersome. Particularly if those records are kept on paper in a file folder, the physician may spend a great deal of time simply trying to find the right visit note or lab result. Even with the use of some electronic health records (EHRs), physicians find that they have to flip between screens to access the information they need. That can be time-consuming and frustrating for the provider as well as the patient.

An article on physician’s concerns in HealthAffairs summarized the challenges: “Patients, providers, payers, and vendors all have an interest in improving the usability of EHRs and integrating them into clinical workflows that produce better, more efficient care.” Wasted time and records that are difficult to access can actually impact the quality of care the physician is able to provide the patient.

Elation’s Clinical First EHR resolves all of those issues with its Cockpit View. While most EHRs rely on a linear workflow which forces back-and-forth screen toggling and extra clicks, Elation’s Cockpit View surfaces everything the independent physician needs in a unique three-pane console, providing more flexibility. Having immediate access to the patient’s information significantly reduces the amount of time the physician spends looking up records and can increase the amount of time actually spent with the patient.

The Cockpit View is built with the busy physician in mind. There are only two screens to become familiar with, providing all the information needed. The windows can be ordered and reorganized based on the provider’s preference regarding specific practice workflow.

We recognize that each physician’s workstyle is different, whether working online or organizing papers on a desk. With a Clinical First EHR, the provider can document visit notes, order lab tests, e-prescribe, and write referrals in any order, making the process efficient as well as effective.