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3 Customer Support Rules All EMRs Should Obey

In building Elation, we spoke with many clinicians about what they would look for in their ideal EMR. What we quickly found is it wasn’t just the number of clicks or extra noting time each day that was causing frustration, it was the lack of customer support from the EMR company once initial training was completed.

With that in mind, we set out to make first-class customer support one of the pillars of Elation. We decided to build our customer support around three simple rules:

  1. Urgent requests are responded to within 30 minutes, 24/7.

    When clinicians have a software issue that is affecting patient care, the urgent button can be pressed within the EMR and an Elation representative will respond in 30 minutes or less, regardless of time or day including nights, weekends and holidays.

  2. Support requests are handled by someone in our office, no outsourcing.

    When clinicians contact Elation with a request, they’re going to be working with someone based out of our San Francisco office who sits side-by-side with the rest of the Elation team every single day.

  3. Non-urgent requests are responded to within one business day.

    When clinicians request help to improve their Elation experience, they hear from our support team within one business day to help resolve their issue and listen to their feedback.

With those rules governing our support team , we’re able to achieve rapid response times while never comprising on service quality. Below are our latest customer support response times on urgent issues.

2.9% ⬇
Number of requests
April 2015 comparison
Average response time
May 2015

Maintaining these standards while improving the quality of the Elation experience is not easy, but we stand by these rules because we believe an EMR should treat clinicians with the same level of care and attentiveness with which they treat their patients. We’re not just building ElationEMR for clinicians, we’re building it with them.

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