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Elation Health’s clinical-first EHR and Dock Health’s task management system integrate

Elation Health’s clinical-first EHR and Dock Health’s task management system integrate June 9, 2022​​​​​​​ 


We are excited to announce our newest integration with Dock Health! Dock is a HIPAA-compliant task management and collaboration platform, offering automated workflows designed specifically for healthcare. Elation’s integration with Dock allows physicians and practices to efficiently manage administrative tasks “that get healthcare done.”

Pre-built and customized integrations transmit patient demographics and clinical events from Elation to Dock, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry, ensuring accuracy, and delivering contextual patient task management. 

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Dock bridges the gap between clinical care and the administrative work behind delivery, greatly reducing the need to manually chase down tasks. Dock reduces dropped balls by 94% and decreases delays in care that lead to poor patient outcomes and experiences. 

Improved efficiency and reliability also lead to overall patient satisfaction and loyalty, creating sustainable community relationships for the long-haul.

Additional Dock features include:

  • Smartflow Builder with intelligent workflow tools using branching logic
  • Task Reminders to collaborate with your entire care team via recurring tasks and reminders
  • Productivity Reporting for data visualization
  • Workflow Library to help you start get up and running quickly

Common administrative workflows that you can manage more efficiently with Dock include:

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To learn more about the Elation + Dock partnership, click here.

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