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Elation physician Dr. Steven Mussey on his love for cartoons and patient care

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Like most independent physicians, Steven Mussey, M.D. adds a personal touch to his independent primary care practice in Frederickburg, Virgina. Among his patients, Dr. Mussey is known for his personable approach to care by being the “doctor who you would want to go see.”

In an age where 79 percent of physicians are battling symptoms of burnout admist a backdrop of greater administrative burden and new regulations, primary care physicians, like Dr. Mussey, face growing professional and personal challenges.

What’s Dr. Mussey’s secret to balancing patient well-being and his own well-being in the process?

He is a cartoonist. Since 2002, Dr. Mussey has been writing and illustrating the cartoon, “Adverse Reaction.” As Dr. Mussey shares, cartooning and the creative process that comes along with it give him an outlet to navigate the perils and pitfalls of medicine. At the same time, art empowers him and gives him the inspiration to deliver on the promise of healing and treating his patients.

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