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Introducing Elation Health

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Introducing Elation Health August 4, 2016

Today, we shared some exciting news about something that has been in the works at Elation for quite some time: ElationEMR is now Elation Health. We’ve updated our name, branding, and website to reflect the impact we’re making on our physicians’ practices. Our focus remains on helping independent physicians provide high quality care to their patients and enabling their practices to thrive in value-based environments.

Our investors are just as excited as we are. They’ve generously backed Elation with a $15M Series B investment because they, like the thousands of physicians currently on Elation, understand the fundamental challenges that private practices physicians face everyday in the face of an ever-regulated, ever-fragmented, and ever-demanding healthcare landscape.

Here are some quotes from our investors that appear in our funding news:

“Elation’s unique platform delivers just what physicians need to succeed in this rapid transition to value-based care: visibility into the longitudinal record across healthcare organizations to support effective clinical decisions and in turn drive care quality.”

– Martha Marsh, who spent eight years leading one of the nation’s top hospitals at Stanford.

“Change from fee for service to value based care requires a new medical infrastructure. The industry needs software tools that physicians ACTUALLY WANT to use, cloud based solutions that enable interoperability and portability of data, data rights that recognize that patients and their physicians – NOT the IT systems- own the clinical data. Elation Health allows both health systems and small practices to comply with new CMS regulations while simultaneously improving physician engagement and satisfaction.“

-Emily Melton, who led DFJ’s investment in Elation

“The first generation of health IT created siloed systems focused on revenue and administrative needs rather than supporting the patient. Unlike those legacy systems that don’t allow for a holistic view of the patient’s clinical history, Elation is taking a network approach – putting the patient’s data at the center of the interaction. This unleashes powerful new modes for physicians to interact, not only increasing efficiency and engagement but also transforming the patient experience.”

-Charlie Cheever, an Elation angel investor and architect of Facebook Connect and Facebook Platform

Elation envisions patients experiencing continuous, coordinated care across visits and providers. By supporting a patient’s longitudinal care, connecting more than two million patients to their providers, and allowing for greater collaboration between providers in different organizations at the point of care through our Provider Network, we’re enabling our providers to engage with their patients and provide care outside of the four walls of their practice.

At the same time, we’re continuing to reimagine the EHR by taking a unique provider-centric approach to building our products. Our Cockpit View interface eliminates back-and-forth linear workflows — letting physicians spend more “facetime” with their patients and save time charting by pulling in specific information from a previous visit with just one click.

And it couldn’t come at a better time.

The recent shift to value-based reimbursements means that independent practices are uniquely positioned to to thrive in a system that rewards quality care. But despite these seemingly favorable reimbursement policies, private physicians not only feel overwhelmed by changing policy requirements but feel that these policies infringe upon their ability to provide high-quality care.

We’ve recognized these concerns by focusing on providing increased visibility into quality of care on our platform. We want to make it our job to decode any new policy requirement and make sure that practices on Elation meet mandates without having to compromise their quality of care.

When CEO Kyna Fong, previously a health economics professor at Stanford, and her brother, co-founder and CXO Conan Fong, a former healthcare consultant, started Elation out of their father’s primary care practice, they wanted to build technology that doctors would actually want to use because they felt like it was actually improving their patients’ care.

But they weren’t just talking about health records.

“We’re building a powerful clinical platform that every physician can use to deliver the highest quality care to patients. It provides a network to connect all of a patient’s providers, enabling them to collaborate and make great decisions,” says Kyna.

We’re excited to continue building Elation, and to fulfill our mission to:

Strengthen the relationship between patients andphysicians, and enable phenomenal care for everyone.

Are you ready to join the thousands of other physicians on Elation and discover our Clinical First philosophy for yourself?

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