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Participating in an APM? Elation is perfect for you!

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Participating in an APM? Elation is perfect for you!

Participating in an APM? Elation is perfect for you! July 21, 2017

Medicare for more than $30,000 a year), have the option of selecting between Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) or Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APM) for receiving Medicare reimbursements.

If you have decided to participate in an APM you also know that they reward practices who take on added risks when treating their patients; and to be qualified to participate in an Advanced APM there are three criteria, one of them being that the practice must use a certified EHR technology.

Although there are many certified EHRs out there, you want your EHR to support you and your practice during this extensive reporting and reimbursement change.

The success of MACRA depends on independent physicians and those on the frontlines of providing patient-centered, value-based care. Supporting these physicians is one of Elation’s priorities. We’ve created online resources, live webinars, informative videos, email newsletters, detailed articles, and on-call health policy specialists to give specific guidance and support to help physicians maneuver MACRA.

We’re committed to making the transition to value-based care as uncomplicated as possible for every type of practice. Elation is here to support you and is equipped with the resources to enable independent practices to participate in APMs stress-free.