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Rising direct primary care practices

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Independent primary care providers are passionate about providing quality care to their patients. They enjoy the interaction with their patients and seek to enhance the provider-patient relationship. One way they’ve found to increase the time they are able to spend with each patient is to transform their practice into a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice.

Patient engagement is very important to physicians like Dr. Garrison Bliss and Dr. Ken Rictor. Both use the Elation EHR tool to further optimize their practice management and to maintain accurate patient data that is accessible seamlessly and securely. They have each launched a DPC with the goal of spending more time with patients and less time on administrative duties, which is made even easier as they take advantage of the Elation EHR.

Dr. Rictor has been practicing medicine for almost 30 years. In 2014, he transitioned his practice to a DPC to maximize the quantity and quality of time he’s able to dedicate to his panel. Recognizing the need for a solid data management system, Dr. Rictor tried a number of different EHRs, but ultimately found Elation to be the best fit for his DPC practice. He found the tool to be intuitive, saying “as soon as I opened up the Elation home screen I know exactly where I need to go and what I need to do.”

Dr. Bliss, considered to be the “godfather of direct primary care and a nationally respected Internal Medicine physician in Seattle, Washington,” began using the Elation EHR in 2015. In his DPC practice, he has a patient panel of just over 400 patients, and is focused on building intimate and meaningful relationships with each of them. Dr. Bliss has been particularly impressed with Elation’s assistance in the migration of his data to his new EHR system and with the user-friendly provider screens and patient portal.

Elation is excited to help independent physicians like Dr. Bliss and Dr. Rictor, as they focus on providing the highest quality healthcare to their patients.